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Alternative Press, #249, January 2009, page 38 – Alternative Press is running a half-page shot of Cobra Starship that I made back in October in their current issue.

This all came about with an email asking, “Would you happen to have a live shot of the full band from this show?” I quickly checked my images and found one solitary shot that included all five members of Cobra Starship. And one of their techs.

Here’s the original shot:

Cobra Starship @ Pop's -- 2008.10.18

15mm, f/4, 1/40, ISO 1000

I shot this image with the Nikon D3 and Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8. While not shot at the widest focal length, the extremely perspective of the Nikkor was a huge boon for this shot.

For anyone who has seen CS live, you’ll know that Gabe Saporta bounces over the stage like a butterfly hopped up on goofballs, flitting from spot to spot, pausing just long enough to pop and lock before zipping away.

In this shot, Gabe landed on a speaker monitor at the front of the stage and stayed there long enough just to mug out for me.

This shot twas lit by three Nikon speedlights on stage, which were triggered wirelessly via IR.

For the full write-up and shooting notes for Cobra Starship’s performance, see the original post on that show.

Here’s a scan of the issue of AP in which this image appears:


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  1. Todd

    Thanks, Chris! This was one of my favorites, too, so I’m glad it worked out that this is the shot they wanted.

    It does feel nice (and sort of surreal) to see one’s work in a magazine. :)

  2. BrYan

    Nice, I knew this looked familiar when reading the magazine because they didn’t credit you in it. I wish Norm would finally use one of my photos haha. They are the only magazine that has me on their photo mailer.

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