Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos

Suicide Silence was the last band up before Megadeth on the Endgame tour and they brought a crushing set of deathcore under equally brutal red lights.I broke out the Nikon Speedlights for this set and went with three Nikon SB-900s to do the job and cut through a bit of the red haze.

Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos Suicide Silence: Live Music Photos

Photographer’s Notes:

Just as with photographing other hardcore metal bands, Suicide Silence was a nice challenge due to the activity on stage and the plethora of monitors the band used. In addition, there was a riser at the front of the stage for singer Mitch Lucker, whose doubled-over vocals made him a great target during this shoot.

Overall, this gig was very similar in treatment and execution to that of Bring Me The Horizon’s performance on this year’s Taste of Chaos Tour.

The lighting treatment used for this gig was relatively dark and moody, with a ton of red lights employed at the back of the stage. To compliment this, I used a wireless flash setup that consisted of two remote speedlights (SB-900s) and an SB-900 camera on-camera as the commander. My shutter speed was relatively low, between 1/10 and 1/40 or so in order to pick up enough ambient light at f/2.8 and ISO 1600.

End Notes:

If you haven’t seen the preview for Megadeth, you can view those two snaps here. Stay tuned for the full set from the Endgame headliners.

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  1. joe

    Thats funny that you mention BMtH in this, i came out of shooting SS on the pedal to the metal tour this summer thinking their singers had very similar looks and mannerisms and that shooting them was very similar myself.
    Super nice guys to.

    • Todd

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for the comment nice to hear from you. BMTH definitely came to mind – I think Mitch Lucker might have been even more energetic on stage than Oli Sykes.

  2. Daniel

    Great set, Todd. You reallly made the red light work for you. May I ask ow you set your flashes up? Did you got a pair of lightstands with you or were those flashes placed at stagelevel? Did you shoot those on manual or with the cls system?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Scott

    Nice set Todd. I like the last 2 “headbanging” shots. You mentioned putting your flashes on manual. Do you have an idea of what power setting to use when you set them up? Or do you make adjustments with a couple test shots and then run with the settings?

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