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Photos: El Monstero


Epic. That’s the word that most readily comes to mind to describe El Monstero’s show for 2010, which featured a gigantic stage in-the-round to bring Pink Floyd’s masterpieces to the masses.

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Photographer’s Notes:

This show was downright amazing from a production standpoint. El Monstero used what is easily the biggest stage and rigging I’ve ever seen at the Pageant, as I mentioned in the preview post for this show.

The notable thing about this gig from shooting experience standpoint was that the stage was so massive that it took up over half of the general admission pit, leaving just a sliver for the audience – and photographers.

The stage was about 7-feet tall, which made things even more interesting – even if there were a photo pit, I don’t think anyone would have wanted to be in it, shooting at such acute angles.

Overall, lighting was very atmospheric, with little in the way of clean white light and lots of color washes.

Cameras Used:

Lenses Used:


If you want an idea of the shooting situation, here’s a wide shot from where I shot for most of the night.

With this vantage point, the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 was easily the go-to lens for the night, as it helped close the gap to the performers and provide some isolation from everything going on.

With a couple more dates before the end of the year, I definitely plan on trying to catch El Monstero’s show again to work different angles and capture other aspects of this epic production.

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    1. david

      Since there was no pit, did you just have to claim that space when you got there? and how did you shoot around/through all the dancin/jammin fans around you?

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