Top 100 Worldwide Club Venues 2010

Pollstar has announced their annual lists, including the top 100 worldwide club venues list based on ticket sales. Once again, it's nice to see the 2,000-capacity Pageant included in the list, not only in the company of some very famous venues, but in the top five venues in the world, no less.

The full list of clubs in the ranking after the jump.

Of course, the catch here is that these rankings are all based on tickets sold and most importantly reported to Pollstar – not something all venues do. So it's with that caveat that you have to read this list.

Regardless, it makes me proud to call The Pageant home about once a week on average throughout the year and see them doing well.

For all the music photographers out there, do you see any familiar venues on this list?

Pollstar's 2010 Top 100 Worldwide Club-Venues

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    • Todd

      There is no evaluation other than ticket sales there, so there’s no “best” anything. They probably classify “club” as below a specific capacity. For example, the Pageant is much more a theater-style venue.

  1. Colby

    I’m surprised that Showbox SoDo is on the list, the place is a warehouse. It doesn’t have very good acoustics but they can be as loud as they want since it’s in the warehouse district.

    • Colby

      Neumos, Showbox & El Corazon are all really great clubs. It’s pretty flippin’ sweet to see these venues on the list honestly.

      • elisa

        interesting for sure the one’s on there from Seattle – I shoot at mostly all the ones here as well as the theatres – while I think great venues for music – not the best for light, lol – shooting in Seattle at anything less than the theatres, none of which made the list – is challenging to say the least – the El Corazon – may be the one of the most challenging venues to shoot in the city – the Shoxbox’s vary, and Neumo’s are no piece of cake either – but they do pack em in…interesting…

  2. Lorraine

    Terminal 5 gets a lot of big names, but I can’t stand going there because the sight lines are horrible unless you get there early on. Love Best Buy and Starland though, so glad to see them up at the top.

  3. Charles Dee Rice

    Pretty odd criteria for a list, but hey statistics are whatever we make them, right? :D

    I see The Marquee (AZ) at #16! I’m usually shooting there about once a month.

    Totally surreal to see my hometown (Asheville NC) made… well, any list at all! ;) Guess that place is growing up.

  4. David Gabrys

    Thanks for sharing! First Ave in Minneapolis made the top 10! I live right around the corner from this incredible club. This weekend I shot photos of the exterior with my Mamiya 645 using 120mm B&W film. I’ll share photos with you once I scan them.

  5. Ken Grand-Pierre

    Every NYC venue is one I regularly shoot at! :)

    I can attest that Terminal 5 being so lucrative makes sense. Its right off the edge of midtown, spacious enough for a lot of people, ALWAYS holds all ages gigs, and is a big favorite to those outside of the city (though oddly enough not many people here in the city find it to be an enjoyable place).

  6. kmeron

    owww nice, my dear ancienne belgique in brussels, one of the 2 venues im going the most at =D
    2000 people when soldout, incredible audience full of passion and all and a nice list of gigs, very happy for them! (the latest yeasayer or jonsi live album was recorded there for example), i love shooting at this place!
    an idea of what it looked like during pendulum?


    yes, it WAS absolutely massive =D

  7. Fre Wollants

    [email protected]: Proficiat @ABconcerts! De Ancienne Belgique is verkozen tot 3e beste muziekclub ter wereld: http://t.co/bYQ7wVh” en terecht.

  8. Matt

    Terminal 5 is an absolutely terrible venue, the worst in NYC in my opinion. Overcrowded, terrible sound, bad sight lines, impossible to move around, useless balconies. A cool roof deck that had nothing to do with actual concert or music.

    Every band plays there and it really pisses me off. Bowery presents gives bands such a great deal to play there it cant be passed up.

    This list is an absolute joke to have Terminal 5 at the top. Was this paid for by Bowery Presents? Just because they get top acts does NOT make it a good venue. Terminal 5 is not even in the top 10 venues in NYC. The World??? you have got be kidding me.

    Whoever compiled this needs to either get off the Bowery Presents payroll or get out more.

    • Matt

      Clearly did not see it was based on ticket sales. That makes sense (take mouth insert foot). Sorry Pollstar.

      Still a terrible Venue.

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