Preview: Option Control Photo Shoot

Here’s a little preview from a recent shoot with my friends Option Control toward the end of last year. We did a studio shoot to produce new promo photos and had a blast in the process.

Aside from being pros in front of the lens, and just solidly cool guys in general, Option Control had a very specific idea of what they wanted for their final image. This focus isn’t something all bands go into a shoot having, so this direction was just the icing on the cake for a great shoot.Any one want to guess what gear we used for this setup?

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  1. Tampa Band Photos

    Looks like a Paul C. Buff PLM bounced off the white seamless as key, and a couple of barebulbs fired at foam core for rim. Or were you referring to the actual brand of strobes and/or camera gear? ~Russ

  2. Emanuele D.

    Hi Todd,

    could you show us some lightining diagrams for studio shooting? I am at the very beginning with indoor photography and your tutorials are very useful to me so far.


  3. Dave

    Wow! Cool website ! So lets get right to the point here…. I just shot a band and received afterwords a 2 page contract/form regarding copyrights! I’ve never seen something like this… and I’m a little nervous to do so. It basically says I retains copyright but can’t use the images without written consent. If they use them, I’m not sure what the compensation is? I plan on talking to them about this, but for now does this sound normal?

  4. JP Visser - MiPhoto

    Hi Todd, i also do the same thing u do. Go check out my site, im in and around Cape Town South Africa.

    I have to choose between 24-70 Nikon or 24-70 Tamron. I Already have the 24-120 Nikon F4 but it distorts in the corners. What lens should i go for? and if i go for the nikon 24-70mm, the fact that it doesnt have vibration reduction, is that a problem.

    Please advise.

    And at what settings do u shoot, and do u use your onboard flash or speedlight

    • Todd

      I say go for the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8. VR is not an issue shooting music photography for the most part, it won’t be missed too much. It’s a great lens. However, if you want to save some cash, the new Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC (VR) is very good optically.

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