Preview: Matt & Kim @ The Pageant

Matt & Kim performing at the Pageant in St. Louis on November 4, 2012. (Todd Owyoung)

Matt and Kim. Always a fantastic show. These two are one of the few acts where they always, without fail, seem to be having more fun than the audience. It’s like they’re just thrilled to be playing for a two thousand of their best friends in the whole world. Here’s a quick preview of two images from last night’s party.

Matt & Kim performing at the Pageant in St. Louis on November 4, 2012. (Todd Owyoung)

Photographer’s Notes:

Cameras Used:

  • Nikon D3
  • Nikon D700

Lenses Used:

  • Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
  • Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8

Full shooting notes coming up soon!

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  1. Maggie Gravier

    Hi Todd! I’m a photographer in St. Louis, and I’ve been following your photos for a while now. I think you’re very talented!

    I shot my first club/concert a week ago, and my photos didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, and I was curious as to it you could share the gear you use. Most of my experience is in a studio where I have full control, and though fun, shooting in a night club is really overwhelming and threw me off.



  2. Joey Foley

    Man, I was going to photo them Friday here in Indianapolis. But, I decided to skip it and take a night off. You just made me want to change my mind.

    I’ve had so many shows, everyday almost.
    Plus, I suffered a concussion about 9 days ago, got some backlog to get caught up on, and a 9 year old to take care of. Yeah I think I’ll take a day or two off.

    On top of that, I have the Lamb Of God show tomorrow. Not one of the best shows to photo after recovering from a head injury, huh? lol

    Anyway, just stopping by to say hi basically. I always enjoy seeing your work.

    Take care

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