Photos: Megadeth, 2012 North American Tour


Dave Mustaine with a guitar in his hands in front of a big stack of Marshalls. What else do you need?  (TODD OWYOUNG)

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Photographer’s Notes:

Cameras Used:

Lenses Used:

This show was lit extremely well. I think I was shooting at ISO 200 when clouds of heavy metal heaven opened up and that empyrean light shown down on Dave. The only real catch for this show was that the band hung back from the front of the stage, especially Dave, who seemed setup a good 2 meters back from the lip of the stage. Still, a thrill of a shoot.

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  1. Philfoto.ca

    Iso 200 geez, I can count on the fingers of my hand the shows I did at that Iso :) amazing set , gorgeous work ! 3 from top , really like the capture with the band name !

  2. Priten Vora

    ISO 200? For an indoors concert? Dear god, I hope you had a chance to personally thank the band / lighting designer! I could probably realistically shoot that with my slow-as-molasses kit lenses! *Does happy dance*

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