Portraits: 3OH!3


April 15, 2009 – I met up with Sean and Nat of 3OH!3 on the AP Tour 2009, and the guys were more than happy to throw up a few 3-0-3s for the camera and show you how it's done.





Photographer's Notes:

Nat and Sean were super nice and great to work with. Awesome, awesome guys.

The lighting for this setup was done with four lights: three SB-600s and the sun.

Two of the SB-600s were positioned camera-right and left, while the third speedlight was positioned behind the guys, camera right. These flashes were triggered wirelessly by a Nikon SB-900 fired on-camera.

This shoot was done at 5:30pm, which still put the sun still relatively high in the sky – plenty high to be a factor in the shoot. For the most part, kept the sun at about a 45-70º angle off-axis from the camera, utilizing it as a backlight for the guys.

The exposure for the ambient light was about ISO 200 at 1/250 and f/16. So, just about “sunny 16,” though this did underexpose the scene by about a stop or so (discounting flash).

End Notes:

Big thanks to Mike and Courtney, who hustled to make this happen even with a very tight schedule, and of course to Nat and Sean, who were great subjects.

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