New York City Music Photographer Todd Owyoung

My name is Todd Owyoung, and I love the rock show. I’m an internationally published photographer specializing in live music, lifestyle and portrait photography. I'm based in New York City.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis magna cum laude with a BFA in Visual Communications. Throughout the year, on average, I photograph four to six bands a week. I drink tea everyday.


My work has appeared in publications such as Rolling Stone, the New York Times, Q Magazine, SPIN, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Alternative Press, The Wallstreet Journal, The Boston Globe, The Village Voice and Harper’s Bazaar.


Clients include American Express, Wrangler Jeans, Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group, Live Nation, Clear Channel, iHeartRadio, Red Bull, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, JH Audio, Fuse TV, Jason Aldean, Dave Matthews Band, and Slayer.


  • Live Music Photography
  • Band Portraits
  • Tour Photography
  • Whoop Ass

From sold out stadium shows to smoky basement gigs, compelling band portraits, or creative for a national campaign, if it rocks and rolls, I can photograph it.

Contact me to discuss rates and your photography needs.


I am available for national and international assignments. Please get in touch and let's talk rock photography.

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  1. Todd

    Hi Scott, Prices and availability depend on the artist and image, as well as the print size, but let me know what you’re thinking.

  2. Liv

    Nice shots you got there! I was wondering if you might allow them to be used for graphics? Like say banners, avatars, wallpapers…not for profit, of course!

    — Liv

  3. Todd

    Hi Liv, glad you enjoy the images. Which images are you interested in using? It’s not possible to do this with all images, given certain permissions for various performers. Feel free to e-mail me to discuss.

  4. Todd

    Hey Anand, thanks for dropping me the note, it’s good to hear from you. I’m new to this blog-style site, but it’s been fun developing the content. Hope you enjoy the future features — while concert photography is a very specific topic, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see as a photographer.

  5. kenny

    huge fan of your work! talked to ya on flickr before…but i was wondering, do you use noiseninja or anything? looks like the skin tones are smooth…great stuff man!

  6. Sarah

    Sites like yours are very beneficial to the photographing community. Everything is written very clearly and you’ve made the technical details easy to understand. I will make sure I check out your fantastic portfolio!

  7. Sharon

    Hi Todd,

    Do you license you photographs to mag’s, newspapers, record co. etc., and obviously the size and useage comes into it but could you give me an example of what you charge?

  8. Todd

    Hey Sharon,

    Fees depend on usage, but if you want to get a ballpark for what to charge, I would look at the rates of photo agencies like Getty and Retna for their licensing fees. Web-resolution images might start at $50/image, while royalty-free licensing for higher resolution images would be substantially higher.

    Feel free to send me an e-mail if you need any more specific advice.

  9. Nick Ohlman


    This may be a little personal but I was the registrar at the St. Louis Art Museum and the curator of Asian Art was Steven Owyoung. I was wondering if you are related to him as he had the best eye for arranging art work in an exhibition space of anyone I ever worked with. I met his wife Di on several occasions and his sons who were much younger as I left the museum in 1999. I found your name as my daughter (junior at Nerinx Hall) is into photography and music (follows the group Ludo) and she is planning to go your show at the Pagent and shared your card with me. Thanks for the time,

    Nick Ohoman

  10. Todd

    Hi Nick,

    Yes, I’m Steven’s son, so we must have met years ago. I’d be happy to stop by to meet you at the Pageant when you see the show, just send me an email if you’d like.


  11. Doug

    How in the heck are the rest of us going to get a shot in edge wise with you out there taking these shots. Stop hogging all the good pictures dude!
    I have told 100 other people about your site here. I keep comming back for the latest shoot you have done and find something more amazing every time. But really man leave some crumbs for the rest of us starving artists!



  12. Todd

    Hey Doug! Good to hear from you. Thanks very much for spreading the word about the site, I hope to make it as much for other concert photographers and music lovers as anyone.

    In the six months that I’ve been writing, I think it’s gotten better and better, I’m excited to write some other tutorials and how-to features for the site. Stay tuned!


  13. tinaho

    Love your site and it is very inspiring. These are the two interest of mine I would love to combine and you have mastered it. Very informative.

  14. Nick

    Hey todd….i met you at the chevelle concert not too long ago….if you could, let me know when you get those photos up….nice meeting you.

  15. Woody

    Just discovered your website, and it’s a godsend for the technique tips and inspiring as well. Looking forward to seeing you around the Lou.


  16. Ryan

    Hi Todd…an absolute pleasure meeting you last night! I’ve been having a lot of fun looking through all your great photos. Hopefully our paths will cross once again in the near future!

  17. Todd

    Hi Layla, I’ve been drinking a lot of high mountain oolong lately. I also drink a lot of Dragon Well.

    I’ll add sugar to black tea – in the mornings sometimes I’ll have a cup of “first flush” darjeeling with a bit of sugar.

  18. Ollie Millington

    Hi Todd… been looking at your work on flickr on and off for some time, just thought I would drop a note to say how constantly inspired I am by your work. Its still early days for me and music photography but your works deffinately inspiring me on a regular basis. Hope everythings good on your end :) Ollie

  19. Todd

    Hey Ollie. If any of my work inspires you, that’s a huge compliment to me, so thank you. Everything with me is good, just a bit busy. Two shows this weekend!

  20. Ollie

    Everythings cool thanks. Gave horse race photography a go today… went quite well but realy exausting (the winners enclosure was about 1/2 a mile uphill and going back and forth for 5 hours takes its toll) Being buys always good. Towards the end of last year I had an awards show and three gigs in 5 days… don’t realy fancy that again in a hurry. Im trying to get some photo passes for a few festival this summer, any ideas as to what I should mention in e-mails to press organisers? Thanks , Ollie

  21. Paul

    Hi Todd,
    Spent an idle hour browsing your site via Flickr. Fantastic images, but the most important thing , is that you spend time to share and explain your art. Loved the gear run down. All the very best

  22. trina

    hi stranger, haven’t checked up on this site awhile. but your pics are AMAZING as usual! i remember the days when you were contemplating using a camera for the first time… please update me on life when you get the chance

  23. Marcelo Di Grigoli

    Hey Todd, nice work. I have’t seen any of your work in person (i live in south-america), but judging by the posts people left you seems like you are very good on what you do. I ran into your blog because a friend of mine, who is also a photographer, is looking to show his work throught a blog too, and i wondered if you developed the blog or if this was a blog people could register to create their own throught templates, etc.

    Again, great work.

    All the best.


  24. Todd

    Hey Marcelo, thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you found this site.

    I developed this site based on a template by Will Wilkins, whose link you’ll find below (IAMWW). I did make some modifications to the original template to get the kind of functionality that I wanted, but this will most likely be the case with any template you choose.

    Hope this helps.

  25. Keith

    Props to the shots of Academy Is … and Anberlin / Cobra Starship with the Guitar Center backdrop. Maybe add the backdrop to the gear guide huh?!

  26. Todd

    Hey Keith, thanks, those three shots you mention were some of my favorites. I didn’t use the Guitar Center backdrop at first, but I definitely warmed up to it later, as it provided a lot of pop.

  27. Viet T.

    Hey Todd,

    I just discovered your site recently because a friend recommended it and when I saw that you shot for Projekt Revolution I was sucked in.Linkin Park is my favorite band!I was even more surprised to hear that there is field in “Concert Photography”

    I just started a photography job taking portraits and I find myself falling in love with photography(wildlife especially) and I am considering getting a degree in photography but I’m kinda struggling financially right now.Should I just take a few non-credit courses and build up a portfolio and work my way up the ladder or go for a degree? If so what photography schools do you recommend?

    Lastly what do you think about the new Nikon D90?

    Love the work you have done! Especially the shots from Projekt Revolution! You ROCK!


  28. Todd

    Hey all, with regard to university, I studied graphic design and did not major or minor in photography.

    Strictly speaking, I don’t think it’s necessary to study photo to do concert photography. If anything, I think the studio training would be of value for promo work and similar, music-related portraits.

    For live performance, my advice is just to get into the pit at any chance you can!

    That said, studying photography in school can be a great way to establish skills and explore the medium.

  29. Thomas

    Hello todd it’s a real pleasure to see every week end your great photo, i have one question did you take photo only on US or you travel around the world ?

    Continue like this ^^
    Bonne chance Thomas

  30. Todd

    Hey Thomas, thanks very much. I travels abroad as much as I can, but so far my gig photography work has only been in the domestic US. I’d love to take on an assignment in Europe or Asia, though. We’ll have to see what the next year brings!

    Thanks again.

  31. Alex

    First, just wanted to say that your work is amazing! Second, something like this is pretty much my dream job, so thanks so much for the section on your gear and the tips in the FAQ. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position right now to even think about buying equipment, and most of the shows I go to either don’t allow cameras to be brought in or I’m too worried about having a nice camera in the pit with me to bring one. But anyway, thanks again for all the info-I’m sure I can make good use of it someday :)

  32. lih

    Hey Todd!
    You take really GREAT pictures :D
    (okay, everyone knows that)

    can you recommend me a camera ou tell me what one do you use?

  33. Heather

    I’m very impressed by your work! I do some concert photography myself but I’m not as good as you! What equipment do you use? I’m considering in investing in a better camera soon and I’m looking around for opinions. Would be very grateful if I could get yours :)

    Heather x

  34. Mariana

    Holy Moly?! Todd is that you?! I just stumbled across this website, and couldn’t believe my eyes! How long have you been doing this? Everything looks amazing!

  35. Todd

    Hi Mariana, thanks for taking the time to comment, I’m glad to hear you enjoy the work. In March, I’ll be celebrating the third anniversary of when I first shot a concert.

  36. Pamela

    hi there!! I really love your work. Like yourself I’ve had 2 passions collide, music and photography. I’ve had some training in both fields. I’ve recently been taking photos of some Canadian classic rock acts and it’s become something I really enjoy. Most bands members are friends. I haven’t done any professional stuff ..yet! I’d really like to continue in this direction but really don’t know where to begin. My question is “How do I get permission If I do choose to publish any photos?”

  37. Emily

    Hey Todd!

    I ADORE your work. I was wondering if i could use the Gym Class Hero’s Pics and the AC/DC Pics. This would be for a non-profit, personal signature thing i do.

    Please get back to me.

  38. David Bailey

    I love you’re work, you truly inspire me. When I have to go out and take another f’ing picture of Princess Diana, I’m always lifted from my sense of depression about the daily grind when I read your profile page that I have printed out and stored safely in my camera bag.


    Sir Davey B

  39. Lewis Cooper


    When you say “I developed this site based on a template by Will Wilkins, whose link you’ll find below (IAMWW).” can you elaborate, if I wanted to create a site simular to yours using WordPress then I could choose a template, ie Will Wilkins? Is this a WordPress template or do you buy it from Will?


    • Todd

      Hi Lewis,

      Will Wilkins is a WordPress developer, and I have modified a theme that he coded. is based on an older, public theme that Will designed, but his current theme with similar functionality is the IAMWW W2 DnD.

      There are actually quite a few concert photography blogs that use the DnD theme now, interestingly enough.

  40. Lewis Cooper


    I just shot a series bands at a small venue that had intense red lighting.Do you use any special filters when shooting live or special applications in the editing phase to help reduce or offset too much red lighting issue? I read where you use Noise Ninja and wondered if tehre was some magic app, like Red Reducer, haha!

  41. Anthony D'Angio

    Hi there Todd – I stumbled across your site and am very pleased I did so. Absolutely pristine work! I too have found my niche in complementing the love for music and photography. I hesitate to say you are very lucky doing what you’re doing because that would downplay your eye for creativity and your skills – so I’ll just say fantastic photos and I will be bookmarking this site. If you can give me any tips in order to head in the right direction, that would be muchly appreciated! – See my website above and let me know what you think. Take care. Ant (from London)

  42. Irina

    Hi Todd! Love your photos. I saw an article at Photoshelter by someone named Chris Owyoung with a site and style similar to yours:
    Are you related? Or are you going under cover as another concert photographer? I am curious :)

  43. Alice

    Hey Todd!!! I love your photography and i am thinking of being a concert photographer. im about to go to college so is there anything i should major in specifically to become a professional concert photographer? Thanks a ton a keep taking amazing photos

  44. Heidi

    Hi Todd!

    Just wanted to say your photos are beautiful! I always thought about getting into photography and still consider it from time to time. I’m so happy I’ve found your site, reading through some of your tutorials has made that interest come alive again. Great site!

    All the best,

  45. Jasmine

    Mr.Todd :),
    I’m currently doing a report on a photographer that catches my interest (that’s YOU), but it’s come to my attention that there’s little to no information on your, my dear. Couple questions if you’ve got the time. Where did you grow up? How long’ve you been photographing? College? Major?

    Sorry if I’ve overlooked the answer to any of these. Any other fun facts tossed in might be cool, too, if you’re willing to share. :)

    Truly awesome work, btw.

  46. brian chang

    love your work! just came back from the machine head show in long island. my second concert i shot. i love it! my new love in life.

  47. Amanda Moore

    Hi Todd!
    I saw your site mentioned on Twitter through @Adoramalearn and I just wanted to say keep up the great work. I shoot shows on a freelance basis in Orlando, but I have lots of room to grow. Again, gorgeous shots.

  48. tutuit

    Hi Todd,
    I’m a amateur photographer. I always use Nikon Capture NX to convert my photo from .nef to .jpg, but there’s one thing makes me crazy. when i use non-Nikon software such as ACR or lightroom open .nef files, i find the photos are so bad, the color is not vivid as it opened in Nikon NX, you can refer to this webpage:

    left one is opened in Adobe Camera Raw, right one is opened in Nikon NX. very different,right??? Do you know how to avoid this situation happen?? er. I mean I want to open .nef in ACR is as vivid as it opened in NX, any advice? Many tks!!

    • Todd

      Hi Tutuit,

      When using RAW converters other than Nikon’s Capture NX, you’re almost always going to get a different rendition of the image, not only color, but detail and the way noise is rendered, too. I just did this comparison between Lightroom 3 Beta and Nikon Capture NX 2 that you might find interesting:

      Generally speaking, I think NX is still the way to go for NEF files, but if you have to use other converters like Lightroom or ACR, try using custom profiles specifically for the camera you’re using whenever possible. There are profiles others have made available on the web, otherwise it’s going to require a lot of tweaking on your end. Good luck.

  49. Jason Voigt

    Hey there! I was just browsing this site (thanks to and I was surprised to see you’re from St. Louis like me! I’ve taken pictures of shows here before as well, though I’m not a so-called professional (or at least one that’s lucky to get a photo pass). Photography is just a side hobby for me anyway. Good work here and keep it up and maybe I’ll see you at a show soon

  50. James Alford

    Hi, love your work its amazing!

    am looking to create a background for an upcoming event and was wondering where you got the picture for your “i shoot shows” lettering? if its cool? if not no worries, keep up what your doing its awesome!

  51. Angela

    Hey Todd,

    I’ve been into your work for awhile now. I’m a music photographer as well. I just had a few questions for you if you don’t mind.
    I was wondering what publications you’re always shooting for that you get to shoot so many concerts. And since they’re up on your site, I’m assuming you retain full copyright to them? I’m 23 and have been shooting concerts since I was 19 and I’m really trying to learn the business aspect of it all now. Did you go on portfolio reviews to land the jobs for magazines and record labels?
    Thank you!

  52. Rachel

    Hello Hello, i was wondering.. how did you manage to get into live shows photography? were you into that style since the beguining ?

  53. DeDe

    I have talked to you a few times when I have seen shows at The Pageant (thank you again for getting us water last night). I just wanted to say thank you for all the beautiful photos from the HIM concert. I really enjoy your work and cannot wait to see what you will capture for us next time. Hope to see you at the next show!

  54. Briana

    Heya Todd,
    I saw you last night at the Arctic Monkeys concert. Me and my friend were standing in the front next to the girls that asked you about your website. Your photos are freaking tight! I was definitely eyeballing your cameras and getting a smidge jealous. Haha. Definitely digging the website with your tips on cameras. I’m also one of those that likes to do photography as a hobby and what not, so its great that I can get some tips off here.
    Keep up the great work!

  55. Benni Leitz

    Hey Todd,

    i just found wour website a couple of says ago and I’m AMAZED. And what i loved: you are not only a great photographer, you also help people who are interested.
    I’m highly interested in photography – mostly fine art so far – and took some pictures of friends band last weekend. AND IT WAS FUN :D so i got a little into it, looked for stuff about concert photography and found your page.
    And thanks to you, i know why my pictures turned out that bad :D i had no clue that it takes so much more then a rebel xs with 70-200mm.
    You made this entire field of photography so interesting to me, that i think i FINALLY know what i’m gonna do after greduation.

    Thank you so much ;)

  56. robin

    Hi Todd,

    Why don’t you have newsletter system? This could be
    Subscribe all regular users on your site. Which shows all your new stuff? Going link by link is a very difficult.


  57. Jenn

    Hey Todd,

    Does a BFA help you get jobs, does it even matter for what you’re doing right now or what you want to do in the future?

    • Todd

      Hey Jenn,

      I would say that from a professional standpoint, a BFA doesn’t really matter for something like music photography. Not once from a client, publication, or band have I been asked if I went to art school or have formal training in photography.

      What I would wholeheartedly recommend is taking some business classes!

  58. Elizabeth Hudy

    Hi Todd,
    I just found your site minutes ago, and you’re already one of my life idols. I’m looking to carry out a career in the same genre of photography as you, however I’m still in the beginnings of my career and I’m only a sophomore in high school. But I’m in need of some advice. For one, when I ask band affiliates (managers, publicists, etc.) for photo passes, is it best to take the “Oh thank you for your favor. I’ll do anything you wish for free” approach – you know, butter them up a bit- or a different one? I’ve only been in the “business” per-say for a year or so, and have not yet been hired for any sort of outlet, but when would it be appropriate to start requesting things such as money or use of the photographs or anything else from these affiliates, without overstepping my boundaries? I just really want to get my name in there, I just need more methods as to how to do that.

    Sorry for all of these questions, but (this is going to sound really corny, but it’s true!) when I saw that you not only achieved but strived as a music photographer, it gave me a little boost of hope that it actually was possible. So, Thanks!

  59. Kal

    Hey Todd,

    I came across your site today and have achieved little at the office because of the amazing images and well-compiled articles and guides you have on your site. Thank you so much for sharing in a business where this sort of knowledge is second only to skill.

    I’m a UK-based amateur photographer and live music photography is definitely my favourite form. I’ve learnt more today about the mistakes I’m making than I have over the past year of shooting gigs from the crowd, so thanks! Looking forward to more great images and guides.


  60. Tom McKean

    Hi Todd,

    I too was n artist and graphic designer until 1968 when I discovered photography. Even then I was trying to photograph local band photos. Only to discover they had no money

    I have since gone after musicians that have managers & record labels.


  61. Garry

    Hi Todd

    Just wondering on your suggestions for getting into the press pit (if there is on at the gig). For big bands, i have been taking shots from the crowd as i don’t have press access. My shots are ok, but so far i have been taking 50mm(1.4) and 85mm(1.8) shots. This is a bit restrictive, but i have been nervous about taking amy big 70-200mm lens and been refused entry or having it taken off me by security. I will probably start taking it to small pub gigs first, to get experience with the lens.
    There are a few gigs coming up and i would like to start getting press area access. So in a nutshell, when you were starting out who did you approach (bands,press,venues) and who did you have a better response from, did you get a lot of ignored emails.
    Im in Ireland and dont have your talent, so no need to worry about your career.

  62. Krys

    Hey this is Krys and my question is how did you get started as a photographer and what was your educational background. I myself am an aspiring photographer and would greatly appreciate some much needed advice. Thanks

  63. Garry

    Hi Todd

    Just wondering what usually happens after you have to leave the pit, are you allowed join the regular fans, if so are you allowed shoot with a big lense from the crowd.
    Still praying for my first press pass.


    • Todd

      Hi Garry,

      It depends on the venue. For large shows at arenas, there’s a separate press entrance, so when I leave after shooting, I’ve exited the venue. For smaller shows, it’s much more relaxed. But ultimately, it depends on the venue.

  64. Jessica

    Hi i was wondering how did you get started in the concert photography field. because i am trying to do the same thing with my photography but as of right now getting photo passes is something that isn’t happening for me. so if you have any tips or advice please let me know. thank you

  65. Gar


    I photographed Live shows back in mid to late 70’s for a while. Mostly for fun. I had a good friend that could talk his way into just about anything. We showed up at a show one night and when we were standing in line to check in, Iggy Pop was in front of us and he was not on the LIST and we were. Kind of a Rush!

    My friend even talked his way into photographing Elton John at KLOS when Elton was the Guest DJ. Also got to photographed Rod Stewart on stage. I guess the scene was a lot different back then.

    Anyway, GREAT work! I like your style. Fun to see your photos, brings back memories!


  66. Mandy

    Hey. I just have to say Wow your photo’s are amazing!
    I was trying to get some info on press pass’s for Warped and your info really helped, the only thing is I live in a really small town and there is only a small newspaper and i’m only 13 well about to turn 14 so theres really now where to work around here. So I was wondering if I started my own concert blog of photos if that would help me, cause that is what I dream of doing is taking pictures of bands playing at Warped and other tours and venues.

    • Todd

      Hey Mandy,

      Thanks for the kind words. One thing is that you don’t have to publish locally to shoot locally – you can shoot for publications or websites in your general region, and I think there’s still value in that.

      As for as starting a blog, go for it. When in doubt, start your own publication. I know a lot of younger shooters are doing that these days. Good luck!

  67. Jo

    Hi, just stumbled upon on your website from Brighton, UK – and felt compelled to drop you a note to say how appreciated sites like yours are to people like me.

    I have a really healthy interest in photography for pure personal enjoyment (with a bit of appreciation from friends and family!). But no matter how personal it is, we’re all always striving to take better photos.

    Love your style and thanks again for departing your wonderful experiences and knowledge.

    All the best, Jo

  68. Pawe? (Poland)

    Hey Todd,

    I see you have pictures of almost all the biggest bands that still play (Metallica, REO, RHCP…). So I wonder … what is your dream? Which band would like to shoot yet?

    Your photos are brilliant. But once I got better :P

    Greetings from Poland.

  69. Aaron Freeder

    Hey Todd, I just recently sent you an email about live photography advice. I’m mostly just messaging you to say that I’m not sending you spam or anything, so don’t delete my message immediately! If you could get back to me when you have the time that would be awesome!

    Thanks a lot!

  70. Kerry

    Hey Todd,
    Thanks for the awesome inspiring site and pics! I’ve been shooting live theatre (mainly music tribute shows, also doing promo stills) for a local theatre company for over a year now and although I cope on my Nikon D90 and kit lens (18-105) I really need some help on an affordable set up for the future as well as gigs (I love live music shoots)…
    I’ve hired the 70-200mm F2.8 lens a couple of times (yes I know I shouldn’t, my poor camera takes the strain!!) but I love it for gigs when I’m in the pit although other togs give me looks! I know if I’m on stage a 30/50mm prime will be ace so I’m budgeting for that but I need a good zoom lense that’s not going to break the bank. I can’t afford a D300/700 AND a 70-200mm but I really need a lens that perhaps exceeds my current focal length of 105 but is a fast F2.8 lens. Ideally, if they made an 18-200mm F2.8 I’d be in my element, but, they don’t. Sigh.
    Any ideas? I was considering a 24-70mm or similar and perhaps a teleconverter? Hellllp! Thanks a million and keep inspiring!

  71. Jett

    Hi Todd I was browsing everything about concert photography then I came up to your site. You have nice set of photos and starting to become one of your fan. I envy your photos because it has good sharpening method and invisible noise which I am aiming for very long time. What tool did you use to sharpen your image and remove noise?? I’d love to know it.. Thanks

    Best regards,

    • Todd

      Hi Jett,

      For my newer images, the image sharpening is handled by PhotoShelter, who I use as an image host. I upload the full-res file and the images are served up low res as I link them, and sharpened as part of the automated process.

      Anyway, the trick is to sharpen at the final viewing size. If this is for web, down-size first, then sharpen. Try an amount of 200-300% at 0.2 pixels.

  72. Shana

    Hey todd i have a digital photography class and i loved how you did the dave matthews band cover so i decided to do my presentation in class on you. so if there is any way you can contact me or wirte me back so i can learn more about you it would be greately appreciated thankyou.

  73. Hideki

    HI Todd,
    Awesome work and great website to showcase your work.. I just wanted to ask what about some of your work ethics in terms of shooting a show.
    1.Typically how many shots do you shoot during a show [ie: 3-5 hour show]?
    2.When you’re shooting do you try and go for the “one beauty shot” you want or try and cover the entire show shot by shot?
    3. Do you also edit your shots later on? if so can you elaborate on your process. These are just some things I was wondering about looking at your shots. I feel like I still need to improve on figuring out a better system in the way I shoot events. Great work! Keep on rockin’… Cheers! Hideki

  74. SHANA

    Shana says:
    August 31, 2010 at 8:18 am Hey todd i have a digital photography class and i loved how you did the dave matthews band cover so i decided to do my presentation in class on you. so if there is any way you can contact me or wirte me back so i can learn more about you it would be greately appreciated thankyou

  75. mike

    curious on photographer etiquette . . . haven’t seen anyone post on this . . . when you get a press pass for a show, does that mean you still need to purchase a ticket for the show? i assume so, but really don’t know. does a ticket with general seating (nothing like seating in the first few rows) and a press pass mean you get to be up front for those first few songs, or are you expected to get a front row ticket to be allowed in the photog pit? any thoughts on this are appreciated.
    nice site, i think it’s cool that you’re so helpful to others looking to combine two great hobbies.
    [email protected]

  76. John Melancon

    Hey Todd! I found your site through reddit and I have to say, you’re work is incredibly inspiring! You are an amazing photographer! As an aspiring concert/event shooter I can definitely say you’ve set the bar for me! Thank you so much for the wonderful works and your willingness to be so open about your methods and techniques. You truly are an inspiration!

  77. nicky

    Hi Todd,
    I am lucky enough to have front row seats at a gig in October and am wondering which would be the best camera for me to get good photos with. Please could you tell me what you think. I normally snap away taking resonably good family photos etc but always struggle to get good shots at gigs, probably due to lighting and using the zoom. Please advise what the best setting is on the camera too…Thank you so much for your time. Here are the camera choices I have –
    1.Konica minolta Dimage Z3 – 12x optical zoom. 4 megapixals
    2.Nikon coolpix – 5 x optical zoom. 10 megapxiels
    3.Fujifilm finepix – 5 x optical zoom

    thanks Todd
    Nicky :)

  78. Lydee

    I was directed to your website by the members of since the only thing I take pictures of anymore are musicians. I wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration and a “Pick Me Up” on those days I just want to quit. You are an amazing artist and I often times wish I were you as you.

    Thank you again for being my idol and keep up the good work and someday maybe we will meet at a show somewhere in the world.

  79. Crystal Rolfe

    Hi Todd,

    I am also a freelancer with the RFT and you are a HUGE inspiration for me!!
    I am always looking forward to your next slideshow and am VERY jealous of all of the concert you’ve been to!
    I shoot more on the small scale, but hope to keep advancing.
    Hope to get to see you out sometime shooting!

    BIG FAN!!!!

  80. Mo

    Hi Todd.

    I’d like to thank you and the info. from your site for helping me buy my first DSLR (Nikon 5000). I’ve been going to concerts for over 30yrs. Earlier this year I began taking pictures at shows with my original point-and-shoot. Having received some praise from family and friends, I realized the need for a stronger camera. My plan was to buy a more powerful pns, but that voice inside my head said differently. Your words about, “having the right equipment” rang true! Tonight, I’m photographing Peter Case from The Plimsouls doing an in-store and, later, Built To Spill. I can’t wait!

    Thank You

  81. Nadine

    Hi Todd,

    First off I want to say your photos are amazing! I just have a quick question. Do you use a speedlight to take concert photos?


  82. Mike Burton

    How do you get the magazines to notice you? I have what I thiink are good shots on my website, but I do not get any traffic to it. Any suggestions? Also, does it cross any lines, or is it in bad tast to ask for Autographs, picks, etc, or should I not be a fan and just do my job in taking photos?

  83. Steff

    Hey, I’m thinking about getting into music photography, and I was wondering if you could would be able to give me some tips. I own a Nikon D3000 (with the standard lens) so far.
    I love your work by the way.
    Thankyou. :)

  84. Essy Ghavameddini

    Dear Scott,

    I work at the Sports Arena for 25 years and never signed a contract and provide my own equipment, I charge for the service $500 a month regardless how many events.I sign a photo release before the concert. I have a large collection of photos of musicians, singers, and sport images. I want to know who owns the photo.

    Essy Ghavameddini

  85. MikEZzZZ

    hi todd,glad to see your amazing portfolio you’ve made about Rock & Stage Photography..:worship:

    i wonder how to selling our Stage Photography to media ?
    and how pardon me before, how did you doing your Band Photo Session ?
    i mean, are there any preparation before such what kind of light, how you direct the artist for posing and other concept about that band ?

    thanks before Todd :D
    still learning how to make the great picture of Photo session and Live Stage :D

    regards from Indonesia

  86. Mike

    When you have 3+ years of comments, you know you’re good ;P.

    Anyways, great photography Todd, I hope someday my concert skills can compete with yours.


    • George

      When I was a teenager back in the early eighties, I remember seeing a photograph by Paul Natkin of Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads (which later became the cover for the “Tribute” album). That image so captivated me, that when I got tickets to see Ozzy perform at The Ritz in NYC, I was determined to bring a camera with me and dream of capturing my own Paul Natkin photo.

      The only camera I had was my Dad’s Kodak Retinetta 1A 35mm from the sixties. It had a manual focus wheel so it was guess work estimating your distance since it didn’t show in the viewfinder. I had experimented with the camera in daylight and learned just enough about aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

      I was positioned on the left side of the stage and about 10 feet away. The one thing I didn’t anticipate was the pushing, shoving, the outreached arms and how tall everyone in front of me was! I tried to get closer to the stage or at least stay my ground, but I found myself being swept around in a sea of people. I believe I shot a roll of film that night.

      I hope you don’t mind me sharing that with you. I’m a novice at best, but since that night, I’ve shot a few shows over the years for my own personal enjoyment and reflection.

      I just recently came upon your site. Actually, a few days before I was going to see Tony Harnell. Just like that Paul Natkin photo so many years ago, your site inspired me to take out my camera and capture a few shots of my favorite singer.

      I look forward to reading your advice and tips column. I wish you continued success. Thank you for sharing and reading my long-winded post.

  87. David Baez

    Hey Todd!

    Im a photgrapher too. I dont know if you need another photographer for the concerts, or sometwhing like that…
    let me know

    thank you


  88. deniz hasret

    im 16 and aslmost going to college and i was woundring if you could help me out a little i have no idear on how to show my work in a book. and also how can i become better at what i am ? plz help thanks x

  89. Chris Dutton

    Hi Todd,
    This is a great site – one of the best photograher sites I’ve seen, and I have looked at many! You photos truly raise the bar for this type of work. Keep shooting!

      • Sage Laquihon

        Hi Todd i am in a student that is in a Photography 2 class at Liberty High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am doing a powerpoint on a photographer for my class basically a biography kind of. I was wondering if you could respond to me telling me what Dates you have worked for example 2005-20010. And what kind of mediums and styles you use thank you in advance. By the way your photography is outstanding and outrageous keep up the amazing work.

  90. Paola

    Hey! I totally just randomly found your site. I’m completely blown away. I’m a senior in high school and love photography. People like you inspire me to work hard and get somewhere in life with what i love to do! One question though. Do you make a lot of money doing what you do?? (:

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